• Dear colleagues and friends,

    It would have been an immense delight to have welcomed you to  Toulouse for the 2021 SVEPM conference and annual general meeting. All members of the local organizing committee were extremely excited and have worked their hardest to make it so you could have experienced the vibrant flavour of this unique city. Unfortunately, for obvious reasons, the 2021 edition of the SVEPM conference will be 100% virtual, this year again.

    But this year, we have had time to anticipate this change, so you will find SVEPM a totally new experience! For the very first time, we are using a bespoke conference software package to deliver everything SVEPM usually offers to you. This means you will have access to live interactive workshops in which to learn and share ideas, you will be able to attend all live scientific sessions and discuss the science at any time with any other delegate in one of many private video-conference rooms, you will be able to see all posters and discuss with their authors either in their video-conference room or through a chat portal, you will be exposed to the SVEPM sponsors when visiting their e-stands and, most importantly, the eminent prizes for the best oral and poster presentations will be awarded at the end of the conference!

    We in Toulouse are sad to not host you in 2021. But the good news is that it is just a matter of time, as the SVEPM committee is happy to announce that Toulouse is lined up for 2024 (after Belfast and Westport).

    So, while waiting for the next on-site conference (which should be incredibly lively), embrace the modern digital format of SVEPM 2021. Wherever you are, on whatever continent, in whatever country, please register and contribute to the success of the unique SVEPM 2021!

    On behalf of the local organising committee,

    Timothée Vergne

  • You can check out here what we will miss in 2021 but will have in 2024!

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